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Helpful Packing tips

Helpful packing tips for self storageStorage is a convenient, safe, and inexpensive way to store your belongings.
A storage space is determined by the total size of the items being stored.
An efficiently packed small space will cost less than a larger space.
However, if you frequently need to access the space, a larger space, well organized, may be more convenient.

Let us help you pack for a space that fits your needs.


Getting Started                         Preparation makes everything easier

Packing made Simple          Tips for easier packing & moving

Pack to Protect                         Avoid common packing mistakes

Packing your storage unit  Utilize your space efficiently

Life after Packing                  You know you'll need it after you pack it!

Prohibited Packing          Why risk your belongings?


Use a quality lock on your unit.
Make periodic visits to your unit.

Suggested Supplies:

Household: 1-2 rooms

Household: 3-4 rooms

Household: 5-6 rooms

Household: 7-8 rooms