Fairways Storage & Wine Cellar

Fairways Storage & Wine Cellar, Naples, Florida - wine storage

Enhance your Wine’s Essence & Value
with proper Storage and Aging

If your Wine Portfolio has outgrown your space, we offer a First Class
storage solution to suit your needs.
Whether you are a casual beginner, connoisseur, investor, restaurant, wine shop or wine club,
our premier facility will exceed the expectations of even the most discriminating collector.

Designed with You in mind

Arranging & Access to your inventory can now be quicker & easier in the most extraordinary storage facility in Southwest Florida.

  • Spacious 5ft hallways for safer maneuverability of cases and pallets
  • 8ft. high reinforced vault walls provide ideal support for stacking of cases
  • Special purchase options for our wine clientele: Racking for cases or individual bottles; wooden wine cases for repacking
  • Wine Parlor available: take a relaxing break while working with your collection!
  • Upsize or downsize your vault as your collection changes without transfer fees or loss of rent

Unique Choices

If Flexibility is important for your growing wine collection, you will find an exceptional array of Vault Designs to suit your distinctive needs. We created spacious vaults so you can Catalog, stock or rotate your vintages with remarkable ease and convenience.

  • We have 22 Vault sizes: Closet size, walk-ins, room size
  • For Premier collections or business inventory we have 11 Large Lot rooms
  • Custom vaults available with Pull-out shelving for easy access to those cases ‘in the back’ or built-in shelving.
  • Vaults can also be utilized for Cold Storage items such as Furs, Cigars (Customer responsible for belonging requirements.)

Confidence and Care

We take storage seriously at Fairways. We understand that caring for your collection is of the utmost importance to you. Our amenities provide you with the ultimate in confidence and privacy.

  • Superior controlled environment: temperature (avg 59º), humidity (avg 70%), high & dry above ground location
  • Light protected by On-Demand lighting
  • Back-up Generator
  • Vaults are constructed with solid walls for client privacy
  • Open-air protected ceilings allow chilled air to circulate freely
  • Solid wooden doors enclose the vaults; your private lock secures your vault
  • Privately coded card access system; Building entrance alarms, Fire Sprinkler system, 24/7 Recorded Video Surveillance; Temperature alarm system

Wine experts all agree that environmental fluctuations are proven to affect the proper preserving and maturing of your wines and the preservation of their corks and labels.

Take steps now to preserve your most prized liquid asset. Visit us for a tour and …

….Let Your Wine be the Best it can Be !